martes, 10 de febrero de 2009

GMP_Glass Precedents

High Bay Warehouse, Ludenscheid, Germany
Schneider + Schumacher

The glass on this German lamp fitting warehouse was designed as two facades. One that appears during the day and one apparent at night.

The envelope of the building is a double skin system, with horizontal rods of light sandwiched between two planes of glazing.

During the day, the glass skin responds to the intense light by altering its color and transparency. At night, the facade is lit with different patterns and at various rates, symbolizing the work going on within.

Rhoen Clinic, Bad Neustadt, Germany
Architect: Unknown

This glass roof pavilion spanning a complex of brick health clinics in Germany was the world's first glass-covered cable-net structure. Identical sized glass panels hang like shingles off of a cable net. The curved form of the roof was derived from computer parametric calculations.

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