martes, 10 de marzo de 2009

Team O Geometry Explorations

Our first explorations dealt with the origami fold that Chris developed last week. The animation shows how the surface expands, but the geometry is not completely accurate as the surface areas of the faces are changing slightly.

Taking the original cut pattern and altering the vertices produces different variations in the fold pattern. Here are two screen shots of the definition file showing how the vertices can be altered according to some kind of logic, such as sine curve, or a linear curve. The results of the altered cut patterns are shown following the definition files.

Now adding another layer of movement, we imagined the surface composition as something that can grow from a single point and expand to become a curtain or shading device.

To go a step further, if we reconfigure the folds of the original origami to align with each other we get a more 3-dimensional surface that could act as a shading device (still thinking about the interaction of these geometries with the 3M radiant light film). The openings vary according to the same logic that we developed earlier with explicit history (mapping vertices according to basic functions)

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