martes, 10 de marzo de 2009

Walking Light Wall_Midreview

The flowing + rippling motion of the structure is created through the interconnectedness of each module. Whether it is activated by hand or by step, the whole structure reacts individually and wholly. The Film is attached to each individual module, and reacts is the same gradual change motion of the structure, as the structure moves and changes, so does the color of the reflection and refraction of color through the film.

The following prototype aims at looking at the physical mechanism to control the movement of the previous wall as one walks down the sidewalk along it. A piano key-like mechanism was utilized to control the rotation of the wall. As one walks down the side walk, their pressure exerted on the ground would "press on the piano key" pulling a pulley that rotates individual segments of wall. The wall would appear to move with the pedestrian as they progress along the path.

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